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I enjoy computers. And art. And I have something to say. And I'm not going to type it. And I'm not going to yell it out loud either. And I'm not going to be an illiterate buffoon and use the word 'and' at the beginning of a sentence. And I will not prolong this description. And this is the end of the description.
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Fly a pigeon N.E.E. from Tampa Bay, Florida during the hurricane season if the wind blows to the N.N.E. at 5mph. Make sure to pick up the pigeon earmarked #42 from Orlando Studios in Florida and to feed it Quaker Chewy Granola Bars (7 whole bars, to be exact). After letting it go, hit a gong with a toothpick using a great amount of force three times, enough force to be heard as if you were using a regular drumstick. And don't forget to swim to the Caribbean from the nearest coast after doing all this. Once at the Caribbean, enjoy yourself for 5.329 weeks and then dig an underground tunnel from the Caribbean all the way to Hawaii. Spend 0.671 weeks having fun and then sit on an R/C copter a kid on a cruise boat from Hawaii to California will be controlling. Once in California, hitchhike all the way to Chicago and take a beating from the toughest guy you find. When being saved by the EMT's, demand you go to St. Illness Hospital. There, an FBI agent will get back to you with my response. To reply back, rest up, and then fly to Tampa Bay to repeat the process

No art to speak of quite yet, but I do have a few avatars in the avatars section.

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