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Small and Simple Avatars

These avatars are designed to be small, either in file size, dimensions, or both.

Diamond Avatars - By RandomProductions

Artist's Comments: These are small, 32x32 avatars that are very simple. In some cases they may be more useful for WinXP program icons than avatars! Nonetheless, they are nice ones, around 4KB on my machine, which means it's perfect for some phpBB boards I've seen with picky size limits of 6 or 8 KB. These have transparent backgrounds, so they can work across multiple backgrounds, as long as the colors do not blind you when put together.

dmond_blue.pngThis is a blue version of the diamond shape that is used in all the avatars in this section of the library. You should especially consider it if you are a Democrat.
dmond_green.pngThis is a green version of the diamond, in case you're a leprechaun :)
dmond_red.pngIf you like red, then consider picking up this little guy. I recommend it for Republicans!
dmond_yellow.pngThis is for those Beatles aficionados ("We all live in a yellow submarine, yellow submarine, yellow submarine"… never mind).
dmond_windows.pngThis is for those who enjoy Windows and want to promote it, whether that joy be typing reports with Word or writing hilarious jokes that make fun of it.
dmond_original.pngThis is the first one I made, and it is greyscale, 100% (the image isn't saved in that mode, but that's what it essentially is). You should really consider it if you're an independent or if the first thing that comes into your mind when you see the letters 'KKK' is 'joy' and 'belonging' and 'a nice group of people I enjoy spending the weekends with'.2
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